Canadian Courts conspire to frame the innocent.

Bryan Kickham of Miller Thompson Role


Bryan Kickham Introduction;

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Bryan Kickham of Miller Thompson was retained by Donald Broder in November of 2003 shortly after Guy Lacourciere of Lacourciere Associates file a seize to act and remove himself as legal council on record at Edmonton Law Courts Donald Broder and Craig Broder. Reason being was that Donald Broder refused to follow a court order that Guy Lacourciere agreed to demanding  The Broder Buck be placed in Guy Lacourciere's office for unsafe keeping. Imagine, Guy Lacourciere already new Donald Broder and Craig Broder had won the lawsuit on March 15, 2001 by The Order of Chief Justice A H Wachowich that closed the pleadings before an administrator had been applied for at The Surrogate Courts. Guy Lacourciere and Elizabeth MacInnis were  attempting to get  The Broder Buck out of Donald Broder's possession. 

Conspiracy to Defraud

The evidence will prove that Bryan Kickham accepted a $15,000.00 retainer from Donald Broder to prepare for the trial of Alberta Court of Queen's Bench action 9703-12949 at Edmonton, Alberta Law Courts scheduled for January 19 - 23, 2004. Bryan Kickham of Miller Thompson  immediately  cashed his $15,000.00 retainer he received from Donald Broder and went to work assisting Elizabeth MacInnis - Moore by ganging up and conspiring to frame, defraud and eventually falsely incarcerate this 74 year old senior citizen, Donald Broder. Bryan Kickham is now paying the price everyday wondering if his wife and children are reading this website. He appears to be just another white collar bandit that looks all worn out by his own conscience getting the best of him now that he's caught.

Bryan Kickham random acts of Conspiracy

Bryan Kickham of Miller Thompson requests Justice Brietkreuz at Edmonton Law Courts  for a "FIAT" permission to amend Donald Broder's Statement of Defence on January 9, 2004. Bryan Kickham backdates the "FIAT" to January 9, 2003 pre date to Elizabeth Macinnis false date of filing The Certificate of Readiness on April 17, 2003 to assist Elizabeth MacInnis - Moore with concealing Donald Broder's original pleading that raised the issue of standing in his Original Statement of Defence and that Estoppel had been plead in Donald Broder's  second Statement of Defence. The Amended Statement of Defence becomes the precedent and is the only one provided to the trial Judge Justice Bielby for reference during the trial.

Bryan Kickham The Grave Digger


Amended Statement of Defence

Take note: The Amended Statement of Defence has the FIAT at the bottom right, FIAT is a legal term for permission to amend. 

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The "FIAT" states Justice W. Brietkreuz provided  permission to Bryan Kickham to Amended Donald Broder's Statement of Defence on 9th day of January, 2003. The procedural record print below will prove the true date of the 9th day of January, 2004 . The false date of 9th day of January, 2003 is added in after Justice Breitkreuz first signature and its not hard to identify the second Breitkreuz signature was forged. The correct date is January 9, 2004 as shown below on The Procedural Record Print. 

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Bryan Kickham The Fraudster.


The Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

The image is of three excerpts from three different documents.

1) Close up of The FIAT on The Amended Statement of Defence showing the Justice Breitkreuz forged signature and the false date of 9 day of January , 2003.

2) Close up of The Procedural Record Print acquired from The Clerk of The Court Edmonton Law Courts showing the correct date for The FIAT - 9th day of January, 2004.

3) Excerpts from the transcript of a cross examination of Guy Lacourciere on his affidavit admitting under oather that The Amended Statement of Defence takes precedence at trial and the trial Judge will not see the Original Statement of Defence and the second Statement of Defence.

Bryan Kickham of Miller Thompson

Lets describe him, A man with no integrity, commits fraud on Canada's most vulnerable, participates in falsely incarcerating an innocent senior, defrauds Donald Broder's wife Joyce Broder while she's in a long term care facility suffering with Alzheimer's.  

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These perpetrators thought the old man and old lady would die and their story would die with them.

Well, they were wrong.

"The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them" Sara Zarr.

Guy Lacourciere's transcript.


Guy Lacourcierer represented Donald Broder for The Appeal.

The Alberta ourt of Appeal Justice Carol Conrad, Ronald Berger and Peter Costigan were shown the Statement of Defence, The second Statement of Defence and The Amended Statement of Defence.

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Carol Conrad, Ronald Berger and Peter Costigan made the comments to Guy Lacouriere upholding Justice Bielby's decision and reduce Donald Broder's fines for not turning over The Broder Buck.  

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Instead these white collar criminals should have had Brian Kickham of Miller Thompson and Elizabeth MacInnis - Moore of Weir Bowen daughter of past Chief Justice W. Kenneth Moore charged with Conspiracy to defraud Donald Broder

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Lets Make A Deal - Precedence in Alberta, Canada - The Alberta Justice System is corrupt and if The Chief Justice A. H. Wachowich Court Order was or is no good then " All Court Orders are not enforceable until such time as The Wachowich Order is upheld." 

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The Justice Department lead by The Attorney General / Justice Minister needs to act immediately and criminally charge everyone involved for this crime against human rights.

Marvin Bloos is Recruited by Elizabeth MacInnis


Marvin Bloos of Depoe Beresh Cunningham

Donald Broder retained Marvin Bloos as his criminal lawyer.

Marvin Bloos Conspired to frame Donald Broder

Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depoe Cunningham received a $15,000 retainer to act as Donald Broder's criminal lawyer and assisted in concealing that Elizabeth MacInnis / Moore & Bryan Kickham acted in a conspiracy to defraud, frame and falsely incarcerate this 75 year old innocent senior citizen.


Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depoe Cunningham joined the conspiracy to defraud, frame and falsely incarcerate an innocent senior, extorting more money and using intimidation to force Donald Broder to reveal what he did with The Broder Buck to secure his release from prison. 

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Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depoe Cunningham is a double dealer that accepted a $15,000.00 retainer then as soon as the check clears goes to work for the opposing counsel Elizabeth MacInnis / Moore.

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These white collar criminals are all caught now for Conspiracy to Defraud, Frame and Falsely Incarcerate and innocent senior citizen Donald H Broder.

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Q. Why have Elizabeth / MacInnis / Moore, Bryan Kickham and Marvin Bloos not been criminally charged by The Alberta Justice Department / Crown Prosecutors Office to date.

A. Because The Alberta / Justice Department, Justices of The Court, Alison Redford - Alberta Justice Minister at the time, The Alberta Law Society, Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association, lawyers and Appeal Court Justices Carol Conrad, Peter Costigan and Ronald Berger, including trial Judge Myra Bielby would have to all be held accountable. Too big a catch easier to sacrifice a couple elderly senior citizens and hope they die without their story being told. 

Supreme Court Fraud


Marvin Bloos legal counsel for Donald Broder Application to The Supreme Court.

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Marvin Bloos events deserving of a life sentence in prison.

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The document is the first page within The Application for Leave to The Supreme Court of Canada and proves the lawyers who were involved.

The Supreme Court of Canada

Application number is 31335

Wait, no can't be would The Supreme Court of Canada have participated after all everyone else with The Justice Department has willfully participated in a conspiracy to defraud an innocent senior citizen Donald H. Broder, Joyce Broder and their family? These perpetrators would dare act in this manner unless they new in advance there's no consequences.

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Supreme Court Fraudsters


Justices at The Supreme Court

Would have seen the table of contents and should have asked the question why are there no opening statements of Donald Broder immediately following the opening statements of Elizabeth Macinnis / Moore?

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The events that proves beyond any doubt that, Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depoe Cunningham belonged to the gang of white collar criminals as he also left The Chief Justice A. H. Wachowich order out of table of contents of The Application for leave to The Supreme Court of Canada.

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Marvin Bloos had to conceal the fraud because remember he was retained by Donald Broder as a criminal lawyer to represent him while he was falsely incarcerated.

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So when the criminal lawyer you retained offers a good deal to represent you to Appeal to The Supreme Court of Canada it because he doesn't want another lawyer involved that might expose his willful acts of conspiracy to defraud his own client.

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Marvelous Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depoe Cunningham never expected to be caught on candid camera, he expected the old man to die without knowing or his actions ever uncovered and published.

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Question: Should Marvin Bloos be criminally charged and face a jury at trial that will consider all the evidence and face possible conviction and incarceration for his acts of Conspiracy to Defraud Canada's most vulnerable the innocent, elderly senior citizen Donald H. Broder?

Alberta Justice Correspondence


Transcript Services

The letter is from Alberta Justice clarifying the Opening Statements of Donald Broder are not on the trial audio.

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Alberta Justice staff and AUPE employees are just pawns in the bigger picture for whom are afraid of losing their jobs and just do what their told.

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State - Sponsored Terrorism - terrorism practiced by a government against its own people or governments that elect to do nothing when acts of terrorism are imposed by other against the most vulnerable.

Canada a State Sponsored Terrorist Country

The Canadian Government has refused to take action against the terrorists exposed on the Buck For Justice website.

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The Government of Canada must be held accountable or we as a country will be looked upon as a terrorist state by the free world.

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In The Arms of an Angel

Father these criminals have no life now they are all exposed to the world for whom they really are. 

You and Joyce are now free of the turmoil and in the arms of angels.

Rest In Peace 

with love from your family.

"The living owe it to those who can no longer speak to tell their story for them." Sara Zarr